Tagging Lasakoski Brown Trout

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syyskuu 9, 2011
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Tagging Lasakoski Brown Trout

Temp. 15,0 oC
Flow 10,0 m3/s

Electro fishing at Mill Brook

The state of Lasakoski trout population is followed regularly. We are mainly searching for juveniles, not more than one year old. Those juveniles are in lenght of 8 – 12 cm. We are recording the number of those. So tiny are those in the first steps of their life. So tiny that its impossible to tag them without causing serious injuries. I really hope that these trout survive at least once for spawning. I means 3-5 years challenging life 

Tagging 2 years old trout

We catch also bigger trout with electric fishing. We tag them all. The tag is punctured carefully in the fish back through the dorsal fin bones so that the number label is left hanging besides of the fin. Tagging doesn’t harm the fish greatly but the information from label returning tell a lot about lake migration and growing speed of trout.
We catch other species too with electricity. Mainly Roach but among them Stone Loaches and Sculpins. Here the number of Sculpins can tell roughly about the condition of trout population. Moore of Sculpins and Stone Loaches mean more trout.

Stone Loach, the delicacy of trout