Producing the inventory of trout nests

Kutupesä, inventointia
marraskuu 4, 2011
Taimenen kutupesä
marraskuu 6, 2011

Producing the inventory of trout nests

Temp. 4,0 oC
Flow  14,5 m3/s

It’s really gray and misty today. I don’t mind because it’s going to be very interesting day. I’m going to count trout nests with Vesi-Vision guys. Earlier I had found some fifteen nests, but today we have “water window”, an aid to see better beyond the surface.  

Searchin trout nests in King’s Branch

During the progress of inventory it is obvious that there exist so many nests that there is need to check larger area.
We can find moore and moore nests and this rises our mood in a manner that we descided to chek all potential looking palces. After inventory we had found 41 nests overall. Very, very positive. Now we are hoping that the most of the eggs will hatch. This would be very positive progress for lake migrating brown trout.