Laakkosen Sumukorento
helmikuu 12, 2012
Ota nyt näistäkin selvää…
maaliskuu 2, 2012


Sumukorento by Jari Laakkonen
Hook: Kamasan 101 #12
Thread: Orange or burnt orange 6/0
Body: 6-8 strands of Pheasant tail main feather. Fasten these from the tip and wind these around the tying thread to form a rope. Tie a segmented body.
Legs: A tiny bunch of natural grey or light brown deer hair on the top of the body.
Wing: A bunch of beige poly yarn. Tie it in so that a part of it is pointing backwards. Tie the hackle in at the root of the foremost wing bunch.
Thorax: Take the tying thread behind the hook eye. Tie in 4-6 strands from the Pheasant tail main feather. Wind strands around the tying thread to form a rope. Tie the rope backwards to form a segmented thorax beyond the foremost wing bud.  
Hackle: Light brown, parachute style. Trim the excess part of poly yarn away and drop a tiny drop of super glue on the stub.
Head: After securing the hackle take the thread to the hook eye and finish the fly.