Ruoskitaan joutsenia
huhtikuu 12, 2012
Läsäkosken tilastoa sumukorentoajalta 2012
huhtikuu 17, 2012

Lashing swans

However water gathers into big bondson the ice, the lakes are still frozen. There aren’t many meltwater places yet and bird migration is going strong. Goldeneyes, ducks and swans, 34 totally, are swimming in our Neck Pool. FebReds emerg at the same time and troops of those are marching on snow drifts. Snow Buntings get tasty meal from those on their trip to far North. There starts to be traffic so much that it´s hard to get mixed up.
The water temp has rosen to one degree. Trout are feeding on FebRed adults from the water surface relatively steady. Fooling them with fly seems to be easy, but I can tell, it isn’t. Trout look at their prey now carefully and if they find something odd, even minor misbehaving, they will sink the fly with lips. They do it so skillfully that the flyman is alwaus too late in striking. You know, long cast and curly lines hanging on the water make your hooking patethick. Every now and then they taking sometihing invisible from the meniscus. And next to that they go head’n tail under your rod tip. Really teasing. Let’s go lashing swans. Evey now or then we coud hook a trout at the same time.


Hey, have anyone seen FebReds?

Thanks to Pasi. Great shots.