Fishing Gear and Supplies

Fishing gear and supplies you can rent from us at Läsäkoski, whether it was about fly fishing, jig fishing or casting.
Class #5 equipment is perfect for fly fishing. If necessary, the package includes a few flies to get you started fishing for trout and other species.

Wading pants and wading shoes enable comfortable and safe wading when fly fishing.

Fishing Gear and Supplies

Fly fishing gear
  • We rent fly fishing equipment for the fishing day. Longer rental periods must be agreed separately.
  • Fly rod class #4-6
  • A fly line suitable for a fly rod
  • Tapered leader
  • Tippet line
  • A reel suitable for the rod and line
  • Fly vest
  • Wading rod (must be ordered separately)
Wading gear
  • We rent fly wading gear for the fishing day. Longer rental periods must be agreed separately.
  • Waders that fit as well as possible
  • Wading boots that fit as well as possible
  • Wading pole (must be ordered separately)
Floating tubes
sight seeing 52

Fishing gear which fit the activity

You can rent fishing equipment from us. In terms of a positive hobby experience, the equipment must be suitable for the activity. With bad or insufficient equipment, the experience may affect whether you continue the hobby or not. Therefore, the equipment must be such that the level of the experience is at least not affected by them. From us you can rent high-quality domestic Vision brand rods, lines and other equipment.

Vision Flyfishing
  • Fly fishing gear €35/day
  • Wading gear €45/day
  • Flies and their quantity are agreed separately
Bring with you
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Weather-appropriate clothing
When to rent

Fly fishing season on the river is 1.3.-30.8

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