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Personal Fly Fishing


Fly fishing by yourself i.e. personal fly fishing is a good option when you fish alone or in a small group. Usually few of these groups may arrive, so the accommodation is shared with others.


  • for 1 – 8 people
  • All rapids areas shared
  • Shared accommodation in Willa Taimen
Personal fly fishing

What is included in Personal Fly Fishing

Accommodation is always included in our fishing products. We have two options. Firstly the basic product comes with shared accommodation in Willa Taimen. In the house there are four bedrooms, kitchen/livingroom and toalet. Sauna is in different building.
Other persons may come to stay and fish at the same time. The total amount does not exceed the stated amount.

Secondly there is an option to upgrade accommodation to more private Willa Lohi. It is a cozy hut with four beds, kitchen and dush/sauna. You can choose this option in the booking form of “Lake Fishing”. Remember to tick “upgrade” box to get the discount.

Rapids fishing will be shared among other interested parties. The rooms are filled in order of arrival.


Personal fly fishing trout jumping


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