Fishing in lake Puula

Jig fishing is one of the most popular forms of fishing in Puula. There are different variants of jig fishing that are suitable for fishing different species of fish such as pike and perch as well as different seasons.

Book accommodation and one or even two aluminum boats equipped for fishing. Lake fishing in Puula is best done with the help of the most suitable accessories, such as a sonar.

Whether it’s a traditional, drop shot or vertical jig, you have the opportunity to have our professional guide introduce you to it. Jig fishing is also suitable for women and children.



Fishing in lake Puula and
Läsäkoski backwater

  • Accommodation in Willa Lohi
  • Fishing boat Buster XSPro
  • Fishing boat Buster XS
  • Floating tube + fins
  • Fishing permits for the backwater area
Järvikalastus Puulavedellä

Jig fishing is one of the most popular forms of fishing in lake Puula.

There are two sturdy Buster XS aluminum boats with a Suzuki outboard motor and a high-quality Lowrance structure echo sounder with a 9 ” display. Starting with electricity and creating an structure scan echo you can easily map the secrets of the approximately 9 km long cove Vuojaselkä.

If you want to take your fishing experience to the next level, you can rent the Garmin Panoptix Live sonar. Then the movements and takes of the fish are displayed on the screen in real time. If necessary, you can rent a rod and jig suitable for pike or perch for your use.



Fishing in lake Puula

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Extra power for fishing

Jigikalastus Puulavedellä

Lake fishing guide

A professional fishing guide takes care of the customer’s safety first and secondly takes the customer to fish where the fish are at any given time.


4 hours

280 €

max. 3 persons