Wild Brown Trout
Fly Fishing in Finland

Wild Brown Trout Fly Fishing in Finland and Lake Fishing Puula at Läsäkoski, in Southern Savonia, Finland.
Fly fishing here is world class level. Läsäkoski, the most productive trout river in Central Finland. In addition, you will find here fly fishing for strong river and lake pike in lake Puula and jig fishing for zander in the deep waters of Puula.

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parasta villin taimen perhokalastusta Keski-Suomessa

Wild Brown Trout Fly Fishing does not get much better from this.

Läsäkoski is a wild brown trout populated fly fishing destination in central Finland. Cozy accommodation, a sauna and clean sheets are a good starting point for a successful wild brown trout fly fishing experience.

Wild Brown Trout Fly Fishing in Finland

The abundant, powerful wild brown trout stock in the rapids and backwaters of Läsäkoski is a good starting point to a memorable experience. Get fly fishing in Finland and experience how a wild brown trout conquers your heart. Läsäkoski is an interesting, well maintained and popular fly fishing destination which offers the best wild brown trout fly fishing in Central Finland.
You don’t have to worry about the undersize of trout here. All trout are born in the wild and are released because they are protected. The sign of natural brown trout is fatty adipose fin and it can be found in all trout in Läsäkoski.

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Wild Brown Trout Fly Fishing in Finland
Wild Brown Trout Fly Fishing in Finland

In Läsäkoski you will find all the most popular fishing activities for the recreational fisherman.

Läsäkoski – The best fly fishing for wild trout in Central Finland

What people say about Läsäkoski

smile Muutamia reissuja Läsälle heittääneenä, yksi parhaista paikoista Suomessa. Haastetta ja väkivahvoja kaloja löytyy.

smile Missään en ole nähnyt näin paljon hyppiviä taimenia illalla

smile Huippukoski ja upeat puitteet joka tavalla. Taimenet ovat pulskassa kunnossa ja vahvoja kavereita.

smile Upea koski, kaunis luonto. Suosittelen lämpimästi.

smile Erittäin hyvä. Mökin varustelutason kuvaus  netissä “Hyvä” kannattaisi muuttaa “varsin hyvä”ksi

smile Kaikki bojot. +++++

smile Olen todella tyytyväinen

smile Olen todella tyytyväinen

At “Läsä” you’ll experience

Wild Trout Pro destination

In Läsäkoski, fishing takes place entirely respecting natural trout. No trout or rainbow trout of the catch size are planted. There are only two of these destinations in Finland.

Central Finland’s largest wild brown trout fly fishing region

The rapids are about 2 km long. There is more dense population of trout than in other destinations. All just for you with one permit. Here you can fish in peace without crowding. Läsäkoski means the best fly fishing for wild trout in Central Finland

Highlights and challenges of fly fishing

Wild trout is a valued challenging opponent. The jumping shows in the evening can grate with the difficulty of choosing a fly. Trout are sometimes very selective. When everything falls into place, the reward can be an experience told from father to son, or from mother to daughter.

The unique nature of the rapids

The central rapids of Läsä are a maze of islands and streams that you can explore as a fisherman, photographer or hiker. Through the network of trails, you can easily get to know the magnificent rapids. A snack can be enjoyed by the campfire or at a break.

The fishy waters of Lake Puula

With a sturdy aluminum boat equipped with a side imaging echo and a outboard motor, you can get to know the fishy world of the Lake Puula depressions and reefs independently. This is also possible from the slightly larger boat carried by the experienced guide.

parasta villin taimen perhokalastusta Läsäkoskessa

Wild Brown Trout Fly Fishing in Finland

Plan your fishing in Läsäkoski

In Läsäkoski you will find all the most popular fishing activities for the recreational fisherman. The versatile rapids environment with wild brown trout is suitable for even the most demanding fly fisherman. Here you will find the best brown wild trout fly fishing in Central Finland.

Läsäkoski is a  river on the Mäntyharju route. It is located on the isthmus between Lake Kyyvesi and Lake Puulavesi. These large fish-rich lakes are perfect for an angler. It is possible to catch land locked salmon or lake brown trout from Lake Puulavesi. Both lakes have a strong stock of pike, yellow perch and pikeperch. In addition, it is possible to reach white fish with the dry fly from the surface when the day is calm.


Kuhan kalastusta Puulan Vuojaselällä

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The best option for your group is to arrange accommodation, fishing and other activities according to your own schedule.


Good choise for a fisherman staying alone and fishing or a smaller group.

Fly Fishing Guide

With the help of a fishing guide, you will have a better chance at a memorable experience. Convinced of the right place and lure, you can fully focus on the fishing itself.

Lake Fishing Guide

You can rent a safe motorboat carried by a professional fishing guide. With the guide, it’s nice to tour the “hot spots” on the lake while waiting for the sharp take of the target fish.