Läsäkoski is a Wild Trout Pro fishing destination

Läsäkoski is a wonderful maze of islands and streams, where trout fly fishing is world-class. You can get to know rapids fishing with the help of a comprehensive trail network.

Läsäkoski is fished under natural trout conditions. Support plantings are carried out in the rapids only in the form of roe and under-1-year-old baby fish. The sign of a protected natural trout is a fatty fin and it can be found on all Läsäkoski trout. All trout must be counted free.


We accommodate fishermen

 A sauna and clean sheets are a good starting point for a successful fly fishing experience.

Willa Taimen (trout) has the best river bank sauna and wood stove in Läsäkoski. There are four rooms and ten beds. Willa Taimen is located near the lower rapids and is well suited for sharing with a group that has reserved the whole rapid.

More casual accommodation takes place in Willa Hauki (pike), which is located within walking distance of the middle rapids. In addition to a common kitchen, Willa Hauki has a living room and an electric sauna. There are beds in four rooms, some of which also have their own small kitchen. Accommodation and fishing are shared with other guests.

Willa Lohi (salmon) is suitable for families or fishermen looking for better accommodation. Willa Lohi is located within walking distance from the middle rapids and offers the best views of Läsäkoski. From the sauna, you can cool off directly in the river or admire the sunset on the terrace. The cottage has four beds, a sofa bed, a kitchen and an electric sauna.

At Läsäkoski you can also fish for pike with a fly. We rent flotation rings and boats for backwater fishing.

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brown trout night
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wl bedroom