Fishing rules & permits

Rules of Läsäkoski area

Before you head for the stream, please make sure that your fishing gear meets the rules of the Läsäkoski area.

The Läsäkoski area is home to a wide variety of beach dwellers, both humans and animals. We hope that during your visit you will consider the general comfort of these residents and try to keep noise and disturbance to a minimum so that everyone can enjoy a peaceful environment.

Litter-free environment and respect for nature:

We maintain the nature around the rapids clean and free from unnecessary litter. Please take all your beverage cans, trash, cigarette butts, and fishing line remnants with you when you leave.

Do not leave human waste or feces in the environment. Ensure that the surroundings remain clean and beautiful after your visit


Allowed only in designated areas.


Campfires are permitted only in designated areas. Ensure that campfires are lit safely and responsibly.


Camping in the Läsäkoski area is prohibited.

Moving in the outdoor areas and accident insurance:

Moving in the outdoor areas, trails, boardwalks, and bridges is at your own risk. Visitors are responsible for their accident insurance during the visit.

Follow safety instructions and ensure your own safety.

If you encounter disturbances or have remarks regarding your visit, we kindly ask you to report them immediately to the following numbers:
Disturbances and remarks:

+358 45 206 8040
+358 41 511 9112

llegal fishing:

+358 45 206 8040
+358 41 511 9112
+358 44 263 6414

• Fishing rights include accommodation unless otherwise stated. Fishing rights can be obtained as individual bookings, group bookings, pike fishing, or a 5-hour evening fishing without accommodation.

• The fisherman must receive the accommodation notice and fishing permit before starting fishing and leave it filled in the manor’s mailbox when leaving. You can get them at the manor upon your arrival.

• Fishing should not commence until fishing rights have been confirmed.

• When applying for a fishing right, the fisherman must present a receipt for the payment of the state fisheries management fee.

• Fishing rights are personal.

Rapid areas:
Only fly fishing equipment is permitted.

Backwater areas:
In addition to fly fishing equipment, casting equipment is allowed.

Landing net:
The havas must have a knotless design.

Use barbless hooks or carefully press down the barb.
Maximum hook size is #2, with a maximum length of 11mm.

only one single barbless hook per fly, maximum two flies per rig.

on the line or Fly, the maximum allowed splits of additional weight are 4mm or 1.0g. The use of lead is prohibited.

In backwater areas, only a three-pronged barbless hook is allowed.

Please check the map, fishing permit, and catch report to see where fishing is allowed and areas where fishing, wading, movement, and landing are prohibited.

Fishing area maps:

Spring season:  March 1 – May 31, 2024
Middle Rapids (pdf) 
Lower rapids (pdf)

Summer season: June 1 – August 31, 2024
Middle rapids (pdf)
Lower rapids (pdf)

•  All trout, lake salmon and grayling should be promptly and carefully released.

•  Avoid unnecessary handling or lifting of fish from the water. If handling is necessary, use bare, wet hands.

•  It is recommended to remove pike from the fishing area as a measure to support the recovery of the trout population.

•  For other fish species, adhere to minimum size requirements and any rest periods specified by the Fisheries Act.

Violation of the rules leads to the loss of fishing rights

Fishing hours and closed seasons

Fishing hours
February 1st - April 16th4:00 PM - 4:00 PM
April 17th - August 30th4:00 PM - 1:00 PM
5 hour fishing6:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Closed seasons
April 20th - August 31stDaily fishing ban from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
September 1st - June 1stWading is prohibited in spawning gravel beds and gravel bottoms. Please check the areas on the area map.
September 1st - November 30thTrout closed season. The use of lures and flies suitable for catching trout is prohibited throughout the area.