Rental terms

These terms apply to the rental agreement between the lessor (business name: Läsäkosken Kartano Oy, 2442964-5), hereinafter referred to as ‘LKK,’ and the lessee, hereinafter referred to as the ‘Renter,’ for the rental of a boat or other ancillary asset.


Rental period

The rental period is booked through the reservation calendar on the website. The rental period begins and ends according to the rental agreement.

Use, handover, and return of the boat

Use and care of the boat

  • The Renter is responsible for the care of the boat and must exercise special care and caution, as well as comply with laws and regulations. The Renter is responsible for ensuring that the boat’s operator has sufficient knowledge and skills to handle the rented boat.

Handover and return of the boat

  • Handover and return of the boat The boat is handed over to the Renter at Läsäkoski Manor or at the agreed location at the beginning of the rental period. The boat must be returned cleaned and in proper condition at the agreed time to the agreed location according to the rental agreement.

The Renter's responsibilities and inspection obligations

The Renter’s responsibilities

  • The Renter is responsible for any damage to the boat or its equipment that occurs during the rental period and is obliged to cover the costs, including any costs incurred due to loss of rental income, to restore the boat to the condition it was in when handed over to the Renter.

Inspection obligation

  • Upon receipt, the Renter must inspect the condition of the boat and report any deficiencies.

Repairs, maintenance, and boat care

Repairs and maintenance

  • The Renter must not make repairs or maintenance to the boat without separately asking the owner for permission. Normal checks of the boat, such as checking oil and coolant levels, are allowed.

Boat care

  • It is the Renter’s responsibility to ensure the normal inspections and cleanliness of the boat during the rental period.

Insurance and liability


  • The boat is insured with comprehensive insurance intended for rental use. The insurance covers sea, docking, and transportation damages, fire, theft, and vandalism damages, as well as liability damages.

Liability for damages

  • If the insurance needs to be utilized, the Renter agrees to cooperate with the insurance company to settle the damage.

Payment terms and cancellations

Payment terms:

  • The rental price is determined according to the current price list. Payment is made at the beginning of the rental period.

Cancellation policy:

  • The cancellation fee is 30% of the total order amount if the cancellation is made 8 days or more before the start of the reservation. If the cancellation is made 7 days or less before the start, the cancellation fee is 100%

The rights and obligations of LKK and the lessee

LKK’s obligations:

  • LKK is obligated to deliver the boat to the lessee in good condition and in accordance with the law, as well as to provide sufficient instruction on the use of the boat.

The lessee’s right to terminate the contract:

  • The lessee has the right to terminate the lease agreement if LKK materially breaches the terms of the contract.

Termination of the agreement and dispute resolution

Termination of the agreement:

  • The rental agreement terminates upon the expiry of the agreed rental period.

Dispute resolution:

  • Disagreements shall be resolved through negotiations, and if necessary, the matter may be referred to the Consumer Complaints Board for consideration or to the district court of the domicile of the contracting parties.